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Where we will never get tired of reminding you, that you're perfect just as you are right now. We are here to remind you that - Beauty is You !

Each woman is Unique, and Uniquely Beautiful!’  This is why we do not digitally manipulate our model photos. No changes in shape, size, color or physical attributes are done in any of our images/artwork. We work - to bring you better innerwear, always striving to make our products better, to make them the best that you could get.  Our focus - to create a space where women are respected, empowered and valued for their innate Feminine power and strength.

Join us…let's take a journey that makes us stronger, brighter, deeper.

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Experience Modal!

We’ve all heard of the phrases - ‘soft as a feather’ and ‘light as the wind’ - but have you at any time physically experienced this kind of softness? We, at Blossom have! And that’s exactly what we’re bringing into your life with our new inner wear offerings - made from modal fabric!

What’s Modal?

It is a bio-based textile or fabric. Or in other words a fabric that is created from a natural source. Whereas cotton, silk etc. are sourced directly from natural sources, man-made nature based fabrics like modal are created by technology, from natural sources. For example, modal is created by man by taking wood pulp from trees (usually beech trees), and extracting the cellulose from them, and processing this into a fabric.

Modal is softer and lighter than most fabrics - luxuriously. You just have to touch it to believe it. Because there is no way we can describe this to you

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