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Cancer: Prevention is always better than Cure!

After being a dreaded word in the past 2 decades, Cancer is now so common that it does not carry the stigma it used to.  But, apart from this one positive, the fact that a major percentage of every country’s population has this illness is a cause for genuine concern.

Most doctors are still baffled by why does cancer happen to some and not others, what causes it to appear in specific parts of individual bodies, what is the root cause? Holistic health experts, however propose very concrete reasons like – contaminants in the air, increased use of chemicals in daily life, rise in plastic use, high pesticide and toxin content in the food we eat – as some of the reasons for cancer becoming so huge nowadays.

The reality is that cancer is an illness. Like every illness it is a situation where the body is not able to resist or overcome a dysfunction that has set into it. This means that at the root of it, this is a situation where the immune system is not working to the

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