Cancer: Prevention is always better than Cure!

Published On 08-12-2017 5:55 PM by Blossom Inners

After being a dreaded word in the past 2 decades, Cancer is now so common that it does not carry the stigma it used to.  But, apart from this one positive, the fact that a major percentage of every country’s population has this illness is a cause for genuine concern.

Most doctors are still baffled by why does cancer happen to some and not others, what causes it to appear in specific parts of individual bodies, what is the root cause? Holistic health experts, however propose very concrete reasons like – contaminants in the air, increased use of chemicals in daily life, rise in plastic use, high pesticide and toxin content in the food we eat – as some of the reasons for cancer becoming so huge nowadays.

The reality is that cancer is an illness. Like every illness it is a situation where the body is not able to resist or overcome a dysfunction that has set into it. This means that at the root of it, this is a situation where the immune system is not working to the level it should be.

And just like any other illness, taking measures to keep your health and natural immunity strong, gives your body the right ammunition to tackle every illness that grows inside it.

So here are some best practices in natural health that can help to keep you strong and healthy, and fit to enjoy your life!

  • Good nutrition, Healthy Body -

    Studies have repeatedly shown that if the body is alkaline, and the ph levels of your blood are healthy and as they should be – then ‘dies-ease’ does not thrive in your body. Wellness thrives. How you can make your body stronger, healthier and more alkaline is by:

  • Eating more raw, uncooked foods – salads, leafy greens, fruits
  • Drinking proper amounts of water – clean water with the right amounts of healthy minerals is always best, so if you have a well at home, that’s the best for you!
  • Cut out sugar – or if it’s hard to do this completely, be aware of how much you consume and restrict your amounts. Many studies show that cancer cells feed on sugar, so if you have a predisposition to cancer growing, you will be feeding it by having more sugars.
  • Put the right things In! 

    If your immune system is in top shape, it has the power to overcome the cancer cells even before it gets to a ‘problem’ stage.

  • Vitamin C – most people are deficient in Vitamin C which plays a massive role in creating and regulating a healthy immune system. Get a lot of Vitamin C from natural sources like lemon, gooseberries etc.
  • Magnesium – This is a mineral that is the foundation of more than 300 different enzymatic processes in your body. When the body is low in magnesium supply – all these activities are compromised and happen ‘below par’ – which definitely impacts your immune system and overall health condition.
  • Sunshine – A good balance of vitamins is essential – and a good stock of Vitamin D is at the helm of activating a lot of hormonal cosynthesis. So make sure you get 15-20 minutes of sunshine every day!
  • A fluctuation or imbalance in immunity and the onset of cancer is very much linked to our endocrine system. So make sure your iodine, Vitamin A,D,K are all in good balance. For this, ensure your food intake is good and you are using a lot of good, traditional fats. Helping your lymphatic system be in tip-top condition is also essential for this.
  • Ditch the underarm deodorant – initial reports have shown a definite link between the excessive and/or regular use of underarm deodorants and roll-ons. The chemicals in these build up in the armpit area and are absorbed into the lymphatic system where they slowly are poisoning the body.

To good health and happiness always!

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